Wavemark is a Portland based company specializing in IT support, service, and sales.  We are dedicated to helping you discover the best technology to help you develop and advance your business.  We offer the latest technology and useful innovations with a positive and friendly attitude.  Technology alone is useless without the knowledge to properly utilize it to its fullest extent.  We leverage our years of training and experience to help you make wise choices that are as friendly to your budget as it is helpful to your overall goals.  I believe at Wavemark we offer a different brand of IT support that will be a recognizable difference.  You will work with staff that understand your desire to employ the latest technology, but is willing to support you during the learning process.  The more accessible we can make technology for our clients, the more they will desire to innovate.


Wavemark has been there when we needed them most. We recently encountered server issues due to a power outage. I was having trouble getting everything back online so I called David to assist. He was in my office within 90 minutes and by midday the server was fixed and running again. Wavemark is always professional, knowledgeable and helpful.
— NECA - Columbia Chapter
Wavemark Consulting brings a combination of tech savvy and excellence to every issue we’ve needed resolved. They have done so with consistency over the past 5 years that we have worked with them. They even take the time to communicate in laymen’s terms without talking down to you. Truly exceptional service.
— Jason Steeprow - South Tabor Family Physicians


  • Desktop Support – We provide comprehensive desktop support to keep your users productive throughout the day. 
  • Server Maintenance – Servers must be carefully maintained and updated regularly to ensure reliable function. 
  • Hardware Purchasing – Wavemark can help guide a business through the selection and purchasing products to enhance infrastructure. 

  • Network Design/Implementation – Networks are complex and require specific settings depending on the usage.  Wavemark can help determine the proper usage and configure the network for maximum speed and efficiency. 

  • Wireless – Wireless networks are particularly vulnerable and require special attention to ensure a secure connection that is isolated from threats.  
  • Network Security – Security is paramount in any IT environment.  Necessary measures should be in place to secure critical data.

  • Firewall Configuration – Firewalls are the gateway to your internal network.  Security and speed are the two primary goals for firewall configuration.  

  • Virtualized Environments – Physical servers are being replaced by virtualized servers due to maintenance costs, resource management, and disaster recovery advantages of consolidation.  Wavemark can help businesses virtualize and maintain their virtualized environment.