Wavemark Consulting sells a wide range of products to improve productivity and work flow.  Every product line we sell has been tested and approved for ease of use and reliability.  We also have access to purchase products from many other vendors and very competitive pricing.  


HP partner

HP has proven to be a reliable and powerful source for servers, switches, mobile products, and desktops.  They use quality parts and stand firmly behind their products.  Our trained staff will install, configure, and optimize your server for use with your software and business apps.



Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Wireless offers several top tier wireless solutions.  All their products create solid wireless connections that are easy to manage through their centralized wireless controllers.  The controllers are feature rich with options to create networks with advanced security.  They offer expansive reporting to track client connectivity and statistics.  They are designed to coordinate the access points to create a unified blanket of connectivity.  Moving around a large area does not result in any dropped connections.  The signal is transferred from AP to AP seamlessly.  It is truly frustration free Wifi.




Protecting your network is paramount for any business.  There is no better product than Sonicwall.  They integrate high end filtering and features with service based scanning to eliminate threats before they can enter your network.  All this while creating a friendly interface that makes implementation quick and easy.